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AppValleyDon’t you just hate that when you are having a great day and you look awesome so you just pull out your camera and take a picture to post and show off on social media but in that picture it’s just not the same, now you can fix that with Affinity Photo, this is the latest photo editing app you can get on your smartphone and it comes with tons of features, it has an efficient toolset which has pan zoon ar 60 fps or higher when supported by the device you can use its live tools to preview or see your real-time editing. It has fast processing, professional color spaces, all types of formats are supported even PSD which is used by professionals. Affinity Photo has sub pixel precision and takes perfect snaps, has customizable toolbars and shortcuts, even after all those features everything is placed in a great manner so nothing is too complicated to understand and you can see your edit very clearly. Affinity Photo also lets you see how your snap looked before the edit and now it looks in the end so you can compare the difference. If you have done edits that you don’t like don’t worry as you can simply tap on undo which can undo up to 8,000 steps. It also has an autosave feature so if you remove the app by mistake, even then your edit stays saved.

Download Affinity Photo using AppValley app store to get the latest version for your smartphone. AppValley is a third party app store which can easily remove your pre-installed app store as it has features far better than that, also you get all the latest apps and even the beta testing versions of all the games and stuff so you stay ahead of other uses when it comes to who’s using the latest app and getting the benefit of using latest features. You can download AppValley n both Android and iOS devices.

Download Affinity Photo via AppValley

  1. Launch Safari browser and Download AppValley.
  2. Open Settings >> General Settings >> Device Management >> tap on “ Trust AppValley”.
  3. Search and Download Affinity Photo from AppValley.
  4. Now enjoy editing your pictures with tons of filters and all the tools present in Affinity Photo.

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