AppValley iCleaner

AppValleyiCleaner is a system cleaning app available for iPhone, iPod and iPad only. This is hands down one of the best cleaners available as it removers all unnecessary files from your device. There’s a time when your iOS device starts running out of storage but all the excess data as you know is already removed, this is when iCleaner comes handy. The cleanup process of iCleaner is targets message attachments which don’t show up in messages, deletes cookies and browsing history cache files from safari, it deletes older downloaded iOS update files. iCleaner deletes app cache, temporary files and snapshots from several apps. iCleaner deletes archived battery data and further helps improves the battery usage for your device. It also has a deep clean feature which helps you remove unused languages, keyboards, voice control languages, definition dictionaries. Delete non- retina images, iPad images, iTunesArtwork files, Wallpapers and more. You can also set scheduled cleanups via Activator. iCleaner is compatible with devices running on iOS 9 and above.

AppValley is a third party app store that you can download on your iOS or Android device for free. AppValley has all the best apps and games and even mods of those, unlike other app store AppValley completely supports the use of modded and tweaked apps, so if you hate wasting your time on the web searching for that specific game mod, this is the app store to go for. There is no need to jailbreak your iOS or root your Android device to download AppValley.

Download iCleaner via AppValley

  1. Launch Safari browser
  2. Download AppValley.
  3. Wait for AppValley to download.
  4. Go to Settings >> General Settings >> Device Management >> tap on “ Trust AppValley”.
  5. Launch AppValley and search iCleaner and download.
  6. You may have to provide ‘Trust’ permission to iCleaner as well.
  7. With iCleaner you never have to worry about keeping a check on your device storage.

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