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AppValleyIf you are into crypto currency then you are at the right place, MobileMiner is an app developed by Elias Limneos who is a famous jailbreak developer and is well known for his tweaks. MobileMiner is very easy to use on your iOS device and you don’t even have to jailbreak your device to download MobileMiner. You have to build and deploy this tool or you can just download a precompiled build from AppValley. It is compiled with ARM64 and is recommended for iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X because it needs a powerful CPU to produce the best hash rates.

Tired of finding all your favourite apps and games for free, AppValley is a third party app store which you can download on your smartphone for free and it offers all the same apps which are present on your built-in app store but on AppValley everything is free, it also has various premium versions of apps which are absolutely free when you download them from AppValley. This third party app store can easily replace your current app store as it has all the same content and more, it is available for most of the leading platforms including Android and iOS devices, it is soon to be expected for Windows phone as well and if you’re a PC/Mac user you can download AppValley using an emulator. AppValley does not gel with earlier versions of iOS and Android so make sure your have iOS 9 or later or Android Gingerbread and above. You can download MobileMiner by following the steps provided.

Download MobileMiner via AppValley

  • Launch Safari browser and Download AppValley.
  • Wait for AppValley to download.
  • Go to Settings >> General Settings >> Device Management >> tap on “ Trust AppValley”.
  • Launch AppValley and search for MobileMiner and download.
  • Once again go to Settings >> General Settings >> Device Management >> tap on “ Trust MobileMiner”.
  • Once successfully downloaded you can start using MobileMiner.

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