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AppValleyNapster is one of the top rated music apps available for iOS device, you can listen to music online or pay to download music on your device, despite having such a user friendly interface and being on the top it lacks some key features, this is where Napster++ comes in. Napster++ is a tweaked version on the original app and not only it offers you the features of Napster Pro but it has additional features of its own like you can enjoy Ad-less music all the time, play songs even when you are offline, access to all the songs from various categories, enjoy music on your favourite radio channels and many more. Napster++ has over 30 million songs for you to listen. If you want to find any specific song that’s stuck in your head just type any words you remember in the search bar and it provides you with best suggestions. Homepage of the app keeps on getting updated to keep you informed about all the latest songs and the ones which are getting popular lately.

It is very simple to download Napster++ from AppValley, this is a third party app store where all the apps and games are absolutely free so forget about paying all those hefty amounts for the apps you love, also when you download from AppValley all the premium and paid features are already unlocked. You can download AppValley on Android iOS and PC. Make sure you have Android 4.3 and above or iOS 9 and later to successfully download AppValley.

Download Napster++ from AppValley

  1. Download AppValley from Safari Browser.
  2. Wait for the download to complete.
  3. Navigate to Settings >> General Settings >> Device Management >> and tap “Trust AppValley”.
  4. Install and run AppValley.
  5. Type Napster++ in the search bar provided above.
  6. Download the first suggestion.
  7. You may need to go to settings and “Trust Napster++” as well.
  8. Now you have access to all the latest and trending music with Napster++.

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