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AppValleyPlayer Unknown Battlegrounds also known as PUBG is a player versus player action game where hundreds of players fight to win, its a large scale last man standing deathmatch where all the players compete against each other until a single person is standing, the players can choose to enter the match solo where they are alone against all other players or duo mode where two player team-up and play and the third is where a small team forms consisting four players and the last team standing wins or who is left alive from that team. Each match starts with all the players jumping from a plane onto a map which is of 8 by 8 kilometers in size. The players have to decide quickly where to land. All the players start with no weapons, gear or clothes and have to find things in houses, apartments, shelters, army bases and even schools. Killed players can be stripped off – their weapons, clothes and other belongings can be taken by other players, the user can play either from first person or third person perspective, each have their own advantages and disadvantages in different situations.

You can download PUBG from AppValley which is one of the best third party app store where the user can download all the apps and games for free. AppValley is available to download on all major platforms like Android and iOS. You need to have Android version 4.3 or above and iOS 9 or later to successfully download AppValley. There is no need to jailbreak or root your device too.

Download PUBG via AppValley.

  • Download AppValley from Safari browser.
  • Wait for the download to finish.
  • Navigate through Settings > General Settings > Device Management > then allow “Trust AppValley”.
  • Run AppValley and search for PUBG in the search bar and download it.
  • Wait for PUBG to download.
  • Simply run the game and you can also get in the action.

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