AppValley Hungry Dragon

AppValleyThere is a full of fun containing game aid available here name Hungry Dragon. It is a full action game. This will give you lots of adventure. Be a Hungry Dragon, just eat and have lots of fun. With Hungry Dragon you can unleash the fiery fury. This game will give you the experience of the great rampage. Where you can eat anything and anyone on your way. Show your skills in flying of the dragon. In this game you are a Hungry Dragon enjoy a action, and adventurous rampage. That’s why it is said to be food and furious game. Here you are able to control ferocious dragons. This game lets you control burning and devouring your way. In this game, you can collect fire-breathing dragon. Each dragon has different skills and unique in their position. Here you can unlock new costumes of flying by which you are able to fly faster and you can show crazy moves of the dragon in the air. In this game enjoy a delicious journey while flying and being a dragon. So this game is fully unique and existing. This game contains good interfaces. It has smooth controls and awesome gameplay. Enjoy your Hungry Dragon in high-resolution graphics.

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Appvalley Bleach online

AppValleyBleach online is a fighting game which is browser based. This game is set in a fictional world. In this game, you would experience a real-time combat. In this game, you can pick up your favorite one character of six. This game provides you different roles to play. Such as you can a roll of tank vanguard or DPS assaulter. In this game, team game will bring you to victory. In this game, each role collects a different bonus. Progression in this game makes your ability to add more members to your team. It is a 2d fighting game. Bleach online is a third person view game. You can enjoy an imaginary combat world through this game. In this game gear can be upgraded by spirit stones, making their team stronger. Each character in this game can show their special moves during battle. With this game, your teamwork will be improved. You can challenge other in this game. It will check all of your battleship skills. This game contains good graphics and stable game controls. This game is able to play in each of Android and iOS devices for free of cost. Continue reading

Appvalley Star Warships

AppValleyIn this game, you march to the unknown Kingdom in the whole universe. This is a massive game with lots of adventure. This game takes you a tour of all galaxy without any territories. This game is battleship based game. Where you are invited to show your battleship skills. Here you are allowed to entertain yourself with this game, in this game you send to different kingdoms to conquer them. This game is based on future science background. Here you are able to play the role of star commander, and you can organize the star. With your strongest star troopers defeat your enemies and build your empire. Collect resources from enemies. Here you are able to access explore boundless universe occupied by lots of players. In this game enter the universe map and collect lots of resources. In this game, you can apply lots of military action without any limitations. This game gives you lots of entertainment without any obstacles. This game can easily run in all Android and iOS devices for free. It is hd graphics and awesome gameplay containing the game. Continue reading

AppValley Digimon Story

AppValleyThis is a unique role-playing adventures game. This game is developed by Media Vision. Digimon is a third person view game. In this game, you can control character name Digimon. In this game, you are able to command and control your Digimon. In this games, lots of characters will fight against Digimon. Here you can select your starting partner in this game. You can choose your partner between Palmon, Terriermon or Hagurumon. In this game, you got more ability to make your way in new areas. Lots of Digimon are designed for this game. More than 250 Digimon are featured in this game. There is a new feature of retaining their Digimon is available to players. This game is released in 2017 in Japan and 2018 in western territories. This game available to run in android iOS and another device platform for free. This game provides regular updates. This is the latest version of this game. It contains awesome game controls and HD graphics in it. It easily optimize in each kind of device. You can enjoy this game in every kind of device for free. Continue reading

Appvalley Getting Over it

AppValleyHere is a new kind of game app is available to enjoy named getting over it. This game gives you lots of adventure and fun playing. This game is awesome in gameplay and features. Getting bored is a game through this game and have fun with the awesome game playing of this game. This apps gives you awesome tools to play this game. The interface of this game is easy to use even new users can use this games for free. Here you can enjoy your lots of features in your game. This game is played around silent man name Diogenes. He is able to grip and move himself objects from here and there. This game becomes difficult when you climb up to the mountains. There are no checkpoints in this game so you have a risk to lose your all progress in this game. This game also provides a chatroom to a healthy conversation in between players. This game is released on 27 oct 2018. Here more than 2 million players are available to play this game. This game is easy to run on all Android and iOS devices for free. Continue reading

AppValley OrasisHD

AppValleyEveryone loves to capture their beautiful and sweet memories safe in the form of images. But sometimes even after using different apps, you don’t have that satisfactory result But OrasisHD is not one of them. It will let you have best and natural looking photos at just one click. This app does not have too difficult controls so anyone can use this app. It has all the ordinary features that a normal camera have but in addition, it also has more fantastic features also. It takes the best quality photos at just one tap. This is a fantastic photography app. Are you not sure that OrasisHD app is useful to you or not? No problem. You can first have a free version to check its uses controls and its fantastic features. Surely you will Love to have this app.if you think it’s perfect for you then you OrasisHD. It has separate black and white mode. This app has dozens of fantastic features that make OrasisHD different from apps of this category. This app is the best editing app and makes HDR photos from ordinary pictures. Get this smarter app OrasisHD on your device and enjoy new experiences with photography. Continue reading

AppValley Dominant Investors

AppValleyHave you ever tried to invest your money in the stock market and you have a problem analyzing stock exchanges? If yes then here is the solution to your problem. Dominant Investors, yes this app will help you by analyzing approx 7500+ companies. This app will let you have analyzed the results of companies on the stock exchange of USA as well as cryptocurrency market and choose assets. With the help of this app, you can save your time which you will waste in doing market research, news about various things, analyzing different fundamental indicators. Dominant Investors is a very useful app as it helps you to invest your money in a perfect place. This app is really fabulous. what you have to do is just choose assets and profitability level which you are expecting to receive.then you will receive a signal to conclude bargaining. You just have to follow these simple steps to gain the best results. Dominant Investors app is very useful to you if you are thinking to invest your money in stock exchange of USA or in cryptocurrency market. This is one of the best of its category. If you love investing than you will definitely love to have Dominant Investors. This app is very easy to use and guides you to a better way to invest. Continue reading

AppValley Toca Hair Salon 3

AppValleyDo you want to become a hairstylist? Do you love to play with hairs and have millions of experimental ideas. Then Toca Hair Salon 3 is made for you. Toca Hair Salon 3 contains dozens of characters that you can choose from. The hairs in this app are very much realistic and also Move Like real hairs. You can also customise your character according to yourself. You can create numbers of natural hairstyles in Toca Hair Salon 3. Normally you cannot style hairs without suitable tools. So Toca Hair Salon 3 provides you all the tools which you will need to style hairs. You can also shampoo hair before styling them. If you cut too much hairs mistakenly then this app will also provide you a tonic to regrow will be a great attraction to your customers. This app has very much different features that you cannot find at any other App. You can also make thin or thick braids using different tools in this app. Your character can also have beard in Toca Hair Salon 3. You can also groom beard of your character using interesting tools.this app also have hair colouring tools that will allows you to have fantastic changes to your characters hair. Your character can also change clothes and accessories. It will help them to look great. Continue reading

AppValley MovieSpirit

AppValleyDo you want to become a movie maker, director,producer and more, and want to become a famous member among your group? then moviesprit is for you. So let’s download and take an awesome journey of movie making with this mind blowing movie making app. Now we will tell you about what amazing things you can do with the moviesprit. With MovieSpirit you can consolidate all segments of media alike images, music, text, voice with your imagination and creative ideas and you know what you can add on many breathtaking effects to them like animation effect on text etc. This app has interesting and great features like Add motions effect to video like slow/fast motion effect. You can add multi layer video, miscellaneous photos & video shapes and many more. You can also add color splash. You can add expression icon also, you can also do other great things like you can make super stylish text, add music, wrap pics and videos. You can enjoy chroma key also for overlay video and images. You can also record voice with this app. This app is very interesting. With the help of MovieSpirit you can paint on video, do motion painting. You can also import media content including photo, video, gif from computer directly for editing through wifi. Continue reading

AppValley Halide

AppValleyHalide is basically a camera app that gives you best quality of photos. It will help you to click fantastic images within will love to capture your images with this app as it gives best quality. This app comes with fantastic tools and great features that will help you to take perfect click when needed.everyone wish to have a look in future to what they are doing today. This app will let you do so by giving best pictures which you will love. This app is so simple to use and anyone can be a good photographer with a app like this. Halide is a mind blowing camera app.features like full manual focus,full manual controls including shutter speed, white balance etc, completes it to be the best camera app ever. You can also have quick review of last few shots that is again a advantage. this camera app has two modes intelligent automatic mode and manual can choose mode according to you suitability.this app is really awesome.You will love this app.this app gives an advantage to amateur photographers to have best clicks of their life. this app will help you to take best photos and capture your special moments. so what are you waiting for get this app change your way of photography. Continue reading