AppValley Ten Percent Happier

AppValleyTen Percent Happier is one of the best application in the sleep and meditation category which will allow you to enjoy guided meditation techniques to improve your focusing skills. You can also use this app to watch videos and meditation combos so that you will find the best way to learn meditation.  It also contains a huge library where you will find more than 500 guided meditation tracks that you can listen to learn proper meditation. This app will help you to remove your anxiety and improve your focusing skills. This app also provides you quick meditation that fits into your busy life and you can easily meditate during your short time breaks such as commute, lunch break and other short intervals of time. You can also use this app to get relaxing meditations during your sleep time. It will help you to easily fall asleep. You can easily use this app on your Android devices that work on Android 5.0 and above operating system. Continue reading

AppValley Hide Photos in Photo Locker

AppValleyHide Photos in Photo Locker is one of the best application which allows you to securely hide pictures and photos on your Android device. This app allows you to easily set up a password lock on your images. It is also known as the ultimate hidden gallery app that is used for hiding photos on your Android-based devices. It uses strong encryption techniques to easily hide pictures and move them to a secret location on your device. This app also provides you’re a feature known as multi-select that will help you to easily select multiple photos together and hide them at a single tap. You can also get the options to lock your folders so that you can easily set up a lock on the directories of your albums. This application provides you different ways to set a password lock such as pin lock, pattern lock, and fingerprint lock. You can easily use any one of these locking techniques as per your choice. It also has an amazing feature known as a lock on sleep which will put your phone to sleep mode if you forget to your password. This app does not contain any ads so you can enjoy it without having any distractions. Continue reading

AppValley Google Play Books

AppValleyGoogle Play Books is an official application launched by Google LLC which will help you to enjoy audiobooks and ebooks on your Android devices. This application contains best collection of ebooks, comics, textbooks, and audiobooks and you can purchase them by using this app. It also provides you the features through which you can download your book to read it or listen to it on the go by using this application. It also gives you personalized recommendation where you can get the automatic suggestion of the books of your interest. This app does not require any type of subscriptions in order to enjoy these books. It also provides you an amazing collection of audiobooks where you can find audiobooks of your choice and listen to them on your Android devices. It also allows you to preview free samples from the catalog of this app of millions of book and you can read the samples before buying any book. This app is available for Android, iOS or any other devices that have a web browser installed on it. This app also comes up with night light settings that allow you to rest your eyes while reading at night time. It automatically adjusts the background color and brightness to make it easier for you to fall asleep while reading these books. Continue reading

AppValley Sniper Legacy : Contract Shooting

AppValleySniper Legacy: Contract Shooting is one of the most played sniper game available for your iOS-based devices. This game requires accurate shooting skills in order to eliminate high profile targets. In this game you are a master assassin hired to eliminate targets and you have to shoot them out without losing your target. This game has more than 20 different missions and campaigns with unique goals that you have to face in order to become the champion of the game. You can easily customize your weaponry by using advanced features provided by this game. It contains Ultra-realistic 3D graphics which will give you a real-life experience within the gameplay. It has smooth and user-friendly gaming controls which will give you easy controls on your screen to play the game. It also has realistic sounds of weapons and other things that will make it more real. It requires iOS 7.0 and above iOS operating system installed on your device in order to properly work. it also has multiple guns and rifles that you can choose to play with. Continue reading

AppValley Focos

AppValleyFocos is an amazing light field camera application which will help you to create DSLR like photography by using the dual camera of your iPhone and iPad Pro. This application gives you are a nice collection of beautiful bokeh effect that you can enjoy applying on your photos. It will give you simple options to edit your image and convert them into professional photography pieces. This application also comes with the feature of true 3D imaging which will help you to easily edit your images without having many efforts. You can also import existing portrait photos and customize the bokeh effect in this application. This app provides various different simulated aperture diaphragms that you can choose to generate different bokeh spot effects on your images. It also gives you other features through which you can easily adjust lights, color tone, brightness and other aspects of your photos. This application enables you to patch the depth map precisely on an iPad with Apple pencil. This application can be easily installed on any iOS devices that have iOS 11.0 and above installed on them. It can be used from all over the world as it is available in various different languages. Continue reading

AppValley Brick Breaker Star: Space King

AppValleyBrick Breaker Star: Space King is one of the most popular brick breaker game that you can enjoy playing on your iOS devices. In this game, you have different levels where you need to break bricks in order to progress in the next levels. It is is one of the most addictive games with simple play controls. You just have to slide the stick in order to prevent the fall of the ball. This game gives you different arrangements of the bricks to break in order to progress in the next levels and your game will become more and more difficult. You can also get a pause button to pause your game whenever you want. You will get four different chances to play the game. It contains hundreds of stages and various missions that you can enjoy playing in this game. It does not have any limits to playing such as hearts so you can enjoy the gameplay for as long as you want. It does not need any type of network connection in order to work so you can enjoy it completely offline. It can be also played on tablet screens such as your touch iPods. It is available in 14 different languages so you can enjoy it in your own language. Continue reading

AppValley Boom Beach

AppValleyBoom Beach is one of the best strategy game that you can enjoy playing on your iOS devices. In this game, you have to fight the evil blackguards with brains and brawns. It is an epic combat strategy game where you have to attack your enemy by using various kinds of strategies. You can create a task force with players from all around the world and take down your enemies together. It is free to play the game on your iOS device and you don’t have to pay a single penny for enjoying it, but it also contains some in-app purchases that you can buy for real money. This game can be played with other players from various countries of the words in real time. You can also explorer different tropical areas and discover mysterious powers of the life crystal in the game.  You can also increase your Army by inviting other players so that your task force will become an Unstoppable. It is available in different languages including Russian, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean and a lot of others. Continue reading

AppValley ATV Traffic Rider 2019

ATV Traffic Rider 2019 is one of the best bike racing game that you can enjoy on your iOS-based devices. In this game, you can choose your favorite bike and race with your friends to enjoy this endless racing game. The gaming controls of this game are buttery smooth and easy to play and you can easily learn how to use them within a few minutes. You just have to tilt or touch to the steer in order to move your bike. You will also get a gas button to accelerate your bike and boost up your speed and then you will also have a broken button to slow down your vehicle in order to reduce acceleration. This game contains a sharp 3D graphics and visuals which will give you realistic bike racing experience. You can also use a nitro booster for increasing your speed within the race. It also has advanced AI-controlled traffic riding system which arranges vehicle on the road tracks automatically and you have to to take all these vehicles in order to complete your race. You can also get different levels to enjoy racing on them such as of city, desert, and snow and you can choose them as per your choice. Continue reading


AppValleyBIGO LIVE is one of the best application which will help you to enjoy live streaming of your favorite videos on your iOS devices. It is a popular live video streaming network where you can stream your favorite videos by taking them directly from your iOS device. It also gives you live talking features which you can communicate with your friends through video calls. This application has more than 200 million users from all around the world so you can easily make new connections from this app. It also gives the feature to go live and communicate with your friends to show your talent and increase more followers. It also watches live streams of other creators that are broadcasting their talent on this app. You can also create voice chat room by using this application to talk with multiple friends at the same time. This application also allows you to create your own vlog and become a great Vlogging star. This application does not contain any advertisements to distract you so you can enjoy your streaming experience without having any interruptions. Continue reading

AppValley Instant Personal Loan Online App

AppValleyInstant Personal Loan Online App is an application which will help you to take personal loans by using your smart devices. This application needs to register an account with your required documents to apply for instant personal loans. It can be easily installed on your iOS devices such as your iPhones and iPads. The best part about this application is that it does not want a credit card for availing personal loans. You can easily create your account by giving minimum documents such as your address info and identity proof and you will get ready to apply for your first personal loan. It also provides very good interest rates so that you can enjoy your loans at very low-interest rates. It is very simple and easy to get started with this application in order to enjoy your first loan. It has a simple user interface where you can also get other features of this application without having any issues. It is completely genuine and safe so you don’t have to worry about your security while using this app. It takes care of all of your sensitive documents by a strong encryption method. Continue reading