AppValley Komoot – Cycling, Hiking & Mountain Biking Maps

Komoot – Cycling, Hiking & Mountain Biking Maps is an Android application that will help you to plan your hiking, road cycling or MTB adventure through your Android phone. This application will help you to you perfectly enjoy your hiking is a cycling adventure. You can easily get detailed maps of your root so that you can reach your destination without having any issues. It will also help you by providing the facility of turn by turn voice navigation so that you do not have to take your eyes off the road while navigating your way through the route provided by this app. It also gives you the feature of the offline map for outdoor Adventures where you can download your plan and outdoor adventure map so that you do not have to the connected device to the internet in order to download them later on the spot. You can download them before actually going to the location. This app contains all of the favourite places of the hikers and adventure lovers. It will also provide you an automatic recommendation of all of the best places near you, where you can go to enjoy an awesome hiking experience.

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AppValley Horror Sounds

Horror Sounds are one of the most popular applications which will provide you some horror sounds and horror ringtones to use on your Android devices. This application contains a huge collection of horror sounds where you can choose your favourite ones by playing them and checking them directly and then it will give you the download option through which you can download them on your device and use them as your ringtones or at other places on your Android phones. This app has some of the best sounds of devils, ghosts, zombies, vampires and other kinds of deadly creatures as soon as you tap on the sound. It will give you two options where the first option is to play the sound where you can check the sound by playing it on your Android and the other option is set as a ringtone that you can use to set the specific sound as your ringtones. This application will provide you different categories of sound so that you can easily find the sound you prefer. The quality of sounds and ringtones for this application of very good and they will give you are really life horror experience.

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AppValley fliTrack

FliTrack is one of the most powerful vehicle tracking systems that you can enjoy on your Android phones. It is one of the best applications from the category of travel that you can use to track your vehicles accurately through your Android phones. This app is available for free to enjoy on your Android devices. It will give you a nicely designed dashboard where you can see the stats and details of your vehicle. It will provide you a live tracking feature where you can track all of your vehicles on the map in real-time. This app is highly accurate and provides you the exact location of your vehicles. You can get a lot of details about your vehicles with the help of this application like their location, direction, distance traveled and a lot of others. It works by using your internet connection so it is necessary that you have properly connected your device to the internet before using this app. This application is very beautiful and it is very easy to navigate for new users. It will also give you the necessary option to customize map settings based on your needs.

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AppValley Best Wallpapers Backgrounds

Best Wallpapers Backgrounds(100,000+ 4K HD) is one of the most trending applications which will provide you a huge collection of uniquely stunning wallpapers to choose as your home screen wallpapers. This application has an awesome user interface which will give you an amazing to download HD wallpapers. It contains more than 40 different categories of wallpapers where you can get the best 4K wallpaper for Android. You can Discover awesome new wallpaper and synchronize them right on your mobile desktop with the help of this app. It also has a VIP category where we will get a super sexy girl and hot model premium wallpapers to download and use on your smart devices. This application is also updated on a regular basis and you will see new wallpaper every hour so that you will never get bored while discovering the wallpaper of your choice on this app. This application also helps you to choose the resolution of the image that you want to download on your device. You can also zoom in and zoom out on the wallpaper to see the quality of the image

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AppValley Cyber Robot

Cyber Robot is a fantastic application from the category of education which will help you to increase your programming knowledge through your Android smartphone. It is the best app to learn about Robotics, programming and other concepts related to the robots. This app is specially created for the children who can enjoy the game specially designed for them so that they can play with their own robot. This app will help your kids to easily learn science and technology by using an exciting adventure with cyber robots. It is the best app to learn the working process of robots through your Android phone. This application is designed in such a way that it is very easy to learn programming and self-learning in a funny way by playing the robotic games provided by this app. It will also share with you the proper instructions to program your robot and control its moment in real-time and you can also get useful information about different commands to control your robot through this app. This application also gives you the option to access the camera function of your device so that you can take a photograph and video the robot as it carries out your command.

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AppValley GPS Photo

GPS Photo is an Ultimate camera application which will help you to get the exact location where you have clicked your images. This app also helps you to easily retrieve location information from your photos. It will also give you the option to embed many different kinds of information along with your photos including weather condition details, location on map, latitude and longitude points and much other info. It is very useful for travel lovers and photo lovers people. This application allows you to directly take photographs by using the camera of your Android device and select what kind of information you want to combine with your photo. You can also view all of your images on a map and browse them accordingly to their location. This is the best thing about this application. It works only with internet connection otherwise you may face some difficulties while retrieving the location information from your images. It will also help you to choose the location on your Android where you want to store your photos. You can store them in your internal storage or an external SD card, it is completely your choice.

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AppValley Keep Trainer

Keep Trainer – Workout Trainer & Fitness Coach is one of the most popular fitness coaching applications that you can enjoy on your Android phone to get home workout and fitness courses. This application is easy to use app that you can use to keep yourself fit and healthy. It will provide you instructions where you can find more than 400 workouts and exercises to follow up and make yourself set. This application does not need any equipment in order to follow those exercises. It will also provide you professional video guide and spirited by professionals so that you can improve your physical fitness. It is also awarded as the best self-improvement fitness application by Google Play. This application contains detail exercises that you can use to strengthen your different body parts including muscles, legs, arms, chest, back and other parts. It will also give you the option to which you can follow the exercises to keep yourself healthy, burn belly fat and gain muscles. This application also provides you personalized training plans specifically based on your routine and goals so that you can completely train yourself without having any issues. This application provides a workout for all users based on their current condition.

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AppValley Where Am I?

Where Am I? Is one of the best application which will provide you location information on your Android device. This app will help you to know your exact location whenever you are going to new places, then it is a very useful app. It has a simple and clean UI which is easily understandable even a new user. This application will provide you complete details of your exact location including address temperate, latitudes and longitudes. You can also view the map and know the exact location on the map where you are standing. It is the best app that will help you to know the area around you whenever you travel to foreign countries. This app also allows you to share the location with your friends and family members on your social media account you can also copy the location with latitude and longitude and search it on other applications. This application also gives the option through which you can customize your location by selecting the location on the map or entering the address. It will also help you to calculate the distance between your current location and destination where you want to go.

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AppValley TruckEasy

TruckEasy is an Android application which will help you to book Mini trucks and tempos on the go by using your Android phones. This application will help you when you have to book mini trucks or tempos for your shifting needs. You just have to search for them on this application. It is very easy to get started with this app. First, you need to create an account and then choose your vehicle or service type in the booking page, then you have to enter your pickup and drop mentions within this application and you are ready to enjoy the service of this amazing app. This application supports all kinds of cashless payment methods through which you can pay online by using different methods such as net banking, Paytm, credit card or debit card. This app also provides you GST enabled digital invoices so that you can properly calculate your expenses. It is very useful for business owners who want to shift their products from one place to another where they can enjoy big savings by choosing the services of this application.

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AppValley Trackbook

Trackbook is an Ultimate application which will help you to manage school transport facilities. This app will give you very accurate tracking and playback options so that you can easily analyze the bus route with high accuracy for reporting purposes. It is a very useful app for schools who want to track their buses and other transport vehicles. It is also very useful for safety and security of your kids because this app will help the parent to know exactly where the bus is at the current time so they don’t need to call the driver and get the information of their child. It is very easy to install the application so you can easily use it on any of your Android devices. It also provides you the option of expert assistant which will help you to easily get any kind of assistance that you require in order to use this app. It will also provide you transport manager notifications regarding the current status of the vehicles. This app also has an amazing feature of emergency alert which will notify you whenever there is any change in the route of the vehicle.

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