AppValley SpotifyBlue

AppValleySpotifyBlue is the latest tweet versions of Spotify music streaming application and you already know that the world most famous application for streaming high-quality music without interruption is Spotify and this is the more upgradable version of Spotify known as Spotify blue which will provide you unlimited music streaming facility along with the few more additional features. It is available for your iOS devices. This application will give you to the direct access to the latest releases of all the best songs created by different creators. You will also find the feature of instant search through which you can easily search the favourite song by just writing the title of this song and there you will get all the details of the song along with the direct download link. You can easily view the ratings, descriptions and reviews of the songs of your choice and this app can easily be used by every iOS users and you can install it on your iPhone and iPad. It will give you the feature to completely customize the look and feel of this application by giving the facility of previous themes that you can directly apply on this app to make it look more professional. You can easily get the feature of high speed downloading without any interruption with this app. Continue reading

AppValley SlickTV

AppValleySlickTV is the latest app for streaming uninterrupted TV shows. It is available for all of the iOS devices like your iPhone and iPad. It does not require any jailbreak in order to work on your device and you can enjoy it on any of your iPhone. It will allow you to enter into the world of the extremely high quality of video watching experience. This app will deliver you the latest news, sports, TV shows and everything that you want to enjoy. You just have to do a single tap on your screen and all of the media will be delivered at your devices. It also provides you with the prime feature where you can join this app with your smart TV and enjoy your show on the bigger screens. Now you don’t miss any of your favourite TV shows episodes with the use of this app. It will allow you to instantly enjoy anything that you want at any place irrespective of the time and it does not consume much of your mobile data date to its encoding scheme that is used. It streams your TV shows in the compressed form. The interface is very good in looking and user-friendly. It is also completely secure in terms of the security you don’t have to sign up an account so your data will be secure with you. Continue reading

AppValley Live Wire

AppValleyLive Wire is the fastest growing TV streaming application for your iPhones, iPads and iPods. It will give you access to the world of non-stop entertainment. This app will give you the access to each and every TV channel of your choice and you will get the live broadcast of your favourite TV shows within this app. Here you will have different categories from which you can select the channels for your needs. You can view each type of channels including news, cartoons, movies, songs and others. The interface is very good of this app and every user can easily use it without having any issues. The streaming speed of this app is unbeatable and it is available for free so you should try it without having to spend a single buck of yours. It also allows you to customize the quality of your stream by providing a different set of options so that you can enjoy stream while saving your mobile data so if you are a user who wants such kind of app that this is specially made for you. Continue reading

AppValley AeroTV

AppValleyAeroTV is the best application for your iOS which will allow you to enjoy free TV streams. It can be easily available now for your iPhone and iPad and you don’t even have to jailbreak your device in order to use this application. It will give you all the TV channels for free and you can easily watch and enjoy your streams. It offers different subtitles and language option in order to enjoy these episodes of your favourite TV shows. It will give you the option to easily customize the interface of this tool in form of your choice. It has two different types of interface one is a grid and the other one is listing. You can easily switch between them according to your choice. It is one of the free topmost apps for the iOS device in order to enjoy TV shows. You can easily see live TV shows and the pre recorded episodes of these TV shows so if you miss out any of your favourite episode that you love then you don’t have to worry about anything because you will get it there within this app. The interface of this app will be specially designed in favour of the user to provide them with the better user experience. It is completely secure and you don’t have to sign up in order to start your live TV. streaming. Continue reading

AppValley CHannels

AppValleyCHannels is the perfect application that will let you watch, pause and rewind the live TV shows on your iOS device. It is the best application that will provide you with the TV experience on your smart devices. It will provide you nonstop TV channels and their favourite popular TV shows that you want to enjoy. You can also watch these TV channels with your family through the use of Chromecast support that this app facilitates. You also watch the pre-recorded TV shows and episodes that you can easily rewind whenever you want to enjoy them. You don’t have to configure any type of configuration in order to set up your TV within your iOS devices. All of the things will be automated and you just need to navigate into this app and all of your TV will be in front of you in your smartphone. It also provides you add free TV watching experience in which so you do not have to waste your time while watching TV ads between your TV shows. You can enjoy them interruption free and the advertisement within your TV shows or movies will be skipped by this application automatically. Continue reading

AppValley HalowTV

AppValleyHalowTV is an application that allows you to enjoy the premium features of your TV within your Android and iOS devices. It will provide you with all the basic features that you need in order to enjoy the high quality of HD TV streaming. It enables you to enjoy your favourite TV shows favourite, movies and other episodes of different popular events on your smart devices. It will provide you direct to navigate interface which is very easy to understand and use. You can also customize your seek time for the shows that you want to watch. It also has the feature to quickly skip through the downtime which will save a lot of your time during watching your favourite shows and provide you interruption-free environment. It contains millions of channels that you can watch right under your fingertips. It will provide you with the high quality of HD sounds that you can enjoy by using your headphones and smartphone’s audio speaker. You can also have the feature to download these videos into multiple resolutions with the new smartphones. You will have each and every type of TV channels including for news, sports, songs, movies, shows and many others. Continue reading

AppValley Procreate Pocket

AppValleyProcreate is the professional sketching and illustration app for your iOS device. It allows you to do professional level photo editing and painting on your iPhone and iPads. It will provide you with the complete artist’s toolbox which contains highly advanced tools including Canvas, brushes, filters, layers and many other features which will make you the complete editor and you can easily and comfortably edit any images whether they may be your selfie, photos and paintings. It will also give you the ability of pressure sensitivity which will allow you to draw paintings by using the brushes and it will take care of the little bit of pressure that you can apply on your screen not to do in order to implement more detailing into your paintings. The feature of 3D touch will allow you to which to perform many more actions on your digital paintings. You can directly share these paintings or creations on your social media platforms with your friends and family members so that they can also enjoy this creation. You don’t have to root your Android device in order to use this powerful application. It can work absolutely fine with the iOS device which is not jailbroken so just give it a try and enjoy it’s quality features for free. Continue reading

AppValley TouchRetouch

AppValleyTouchRetouch is an app that will give you the facility to remove unnecessary items and objects from your images. It is the best app with these unique concepts. It will give you an option of magic touch that removes all kind of wires, post, power, lines, telephones from the images that you want. It can also have the facility to automatically repair the surface breaks and scratches on different surfaces that you want. You can also easily remove and repair the curved and straight surface with the powerful tool of this app. It is the best application if you want to remove a particular object from an image that you don’t want to display in your photos. It is the best app for making yourself is more beautiful by removing the pimples and skin blemishes. You can also eliminate any straight, science, trash cans and another object that is spoiling your photo from your images and make them the perfect shots in order to remove these objects. You don’t have to go into many technical details. You just need to use the feature of one-touch fix that will provide to you and your work can be done very comfortably. Continue reading

AppValley The Wonder Weeks

AppValleyThe Wonder Weeks is an application which helps the parents to take care of their babies. This application provides a calendar which explains all the phases during the development of the baby and you will also find the answers of major problems like the fuzziness of your baby and the problem of poor sleep, eating less and many another kind of problems. This app will be your complete guide to handle your newbies and provide the best care to them. This app wins many awarded various times because of its high-quality services for the parents and it is also the best helper for the new parents for taking care of their baby in an efficient way. This app will make the bond between parents and children’s more stronger by giving the knowledge of different phases of the life of a new baby so that the parent can do their best in order to grow their children. This app has different features that you can get for free and it can be easily founded at any of the popular app stores that you want. This app also gives you that tips and tricks to feed your baby with the best care and facilities. Continue reading

AppValley MovieHD

AppValleyMovieHD is a perfect app for all of the entertainment lovers. It will entertain you with the latest releases of popular movies that you will get in this app. It is the fastest growing application in the market that is becoming popular and popular as the days goes on. It will give you several options through which you can enjoy the movies on your iOS devices. It can be easily configured with your iPhone and iPads to start non stop streaming of popular movies. It will give you different sections where you will find the categories in which movies are divided based on their popularity, ratings, themes, concepts, categories and many other factors. It can also have a section in which you will also provide with the personalized recommendations and these recommendations are based on your previous search history to provide you with the best experience with this app. You can also customize the look and feel of the app as per your choice within the settings. It will give you a basic search option through which you can browse the app and search its database for the desired movie. Continue reading