AppValley Shadow Fight 3

AppValleyShadow Fight 3 is one of the best RPG based one on one fighting game. This is a Ninja themed fighting game in which you have to fight and defeat various Ninjas and their Bosses to move forward in the game. This game uses Hitech 3D graphics and realistic animations that will make you love this game. It is also very addictive due to its soundtracks which are so amazing that you don’t want to quit the game once you start playing it. In this game, you have a collection of weapons and equipment which we need to unlock and as we progress you will use them in your fights. It will give you butter smooth gaming controls from which you can effortlessly control your character and play the game. Shadow Fight 3 also has various different gaming modes such as survival, story, duel a star cement and others which you can play. It also gives you the opportunity to play on its server where you have to better with the players from around the globe and you need to defeat them to get coins. it also has a collection of special powers which you can use in the fight to damage your enemy to a larger extent. The storyline of this game is also very good and you can enjoy every moment of this Ninja themed game. Continue reading

AppValley Tamer Frontier

AppValleyTamer Frontier is a fantastic monster themed game. In this game, you have to select your Monster and train it to become stronger and fight with your opponent. The animations of this game are very realistic the Monsters or very well crafted and designed and they appear like real life creatures. you will have the complete access to over more than 2000 Monsters. You need to catch your first monster in order to start the game and then your Monster will be evolved and helps you to catch other Monsters. This game enables you to create your team of Monsters to take down your enemy. You will also have to play the game in a strategic way to catch Monsters. Your formations can decide your fate in the game that you win or loses. It occupies less space on your device because it is well optimised and efficiently coded by its developers. This game contains various challenges so that you will never get bored in the land of Monsters. You can also play this game with your friends to create powerful strategies to defeat the Bosses. as we progress in the game you will become more and stronger and your dragon also evolves into a bigger one. Continue reading

AppValley StarWarships

AppValleyStar Warships is a strategy based war game in which you have to build your kingdom and defeat your enemies to prove your worth in the ocean of stars and become the leader of your universe. In this game, you have advanced technology office spaceships and you need to explore the far reaches of your universe. In this game, you will be playing the role of commander in the great Universe full of different stars and the whole world follows your order and you will be aggressive or defensive. It completely depends on your strategy by which you can play. This is your choice that you want to play as an attacker or defender. this game allows you to play in real time on its server where any player can enjoy the game at the same time. It has stunning 3D graphics and smooth gaming controls which will provide to the full comfort while you’re playing the game. In this game you can craft your spaceships, recruits soldiers in your Army, upgrade your weapons and explore new technologies to become the best Kingdom in the universe. You can also play this game with your friends and colleagues through its multiplayer PVP battle feature. Continue reading

AppValley MY NBA 2K19

AppValleyMY NBA 2K19 is one of the most famous games among basketball lovers. This game has many interesting features such as to scan your face from a mobile device and create the player according to your look. It also has a virtual currency which you would use in the game to get the needed resources. In this game, you will find a collection of your favourite and be superstars and you can just select and enjoy your basketball game. It also gives you the opportunity to accept the challenge of players from different countries of the world from which you can play and make your skills more better. in this game, you have more than 400 new cards for the current NBA season. It also has simplified and easily understandable control through which you can play the game effortlessly. You can also play it with your friends into two on two matches. You have to win the matches in order to earn in-game rewards and this will help you to become the king of the court. It also gives you the access to daily and weekly events in which you have various challenges waiting for you. Continue reading

AppValley McMyAdmin

AppValleyMcMyAdmin one of the best control panel to handle your Minecraft server. It is fully compatible with third-party apps and mods and maintains all of the security of your web server. It uses advanced encryption techniques to fully secure your server and protect all of your valuable information from unauthorised access by any person with wrong intentions. It is well crafted and highly optimises so it provides you with a blazing fast speed on which you can easily do your work at the fastest possible speed. It is one of the leading web control panels and it has the trust of many server admins that use this before. It is available in multiple languages so the users from every corner of the globe can enjoy and harness the power of this amazing control panel. It is recommended by more than 30 service providers so there are no trust issues and it is a completely genuine application. its installation process is also very simple and does not require extra configuration work so even a non-techie user can easily understand and set up this tool on his server. It is also compatible with multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, BSD so you can easily it on any of your devices. Continue reading

AppValley Garena Fire Free

AppValleyGarena Fire Free realistic survival shooting game in which you have to survive and take the headshot of your opponent. In this game, you have matches of 10 minutes on an island and you have to play between 49 other players which are in search of your head. Your main goal is to survive and eliminate your opponent’s and the last survival will become the winner of the match. In the beginning, you start from the checkpoint with a parachute and you have to land in a safer place. Then you need to find resources and collect your equipment weapons and clothes and get ready to face your opponents. in this game you also have vehicles to travel to the desired location that you can get from your map. It gives you the opportunity to become the next survival and every battle that you fight. It tests your shooting skills and reflexes so get ready and be aware of sharpshooters. In the game you can also play with your friends and create a team of players in which there are up to 4 players can be added. It allows you to chat through voice communication with your team so that you can coordinate very easily and command them to fight. Continue reading

AppValley MARVEL Strike Force

AppValleyMARVEL Strike Force is are fighting game which is full of fun. In this game, you can select your favourite superheroes from the Marvel collection. In this game, there is an assault going on between superheroes and supervillains on the earth and you need to save your Earth and survive the battle. Here you are the leader of your team of superheroes and you need to command them on the best of your strategy to defeat your enemies. In this game, you can select your character from a good collection of heroes and villains including Iron Man, Captain America, Loki, Venom, Doctor Strange And More. As the game moves forward your strength will be improved and you will be evolved and become stronger than ever before. It requires your skills to form the best strategy and bring your enemies on their knees. This game gives you a feature in which you will fight a 5v5 battle and you can also play this game with your friends to make it more interesting. This game has butter smooth gaming controls and high quality of graphics which will enhance your gaming experience and make you enjoy every little moment of the game. Continue reading

AppValley IP Cam Viewer Pro

AppValleyIP Cam Viewer Pro is an application which allows you to manage your camera recordings. It gives you the ability to remotely access your cameras from a distant location and you have full control over all of your recordings. It is compatible with many of your recording devices such as video camera, DVR, network recorder and webcam. It is also awarded as the best listening and recording application and it has more than 1600 devices that can easily use this application. It has a powerful feature of camera scan to automatically find the driver which is compatible with your desired device. This application is completely secure and it protects all of your sensitive data by using strong encryption and there is a very low possibility to get your data breached by an Intruder. it supports multiple protocols such as HTTPS, ONVIF and RTSP. This app also gives you two viewing modes one is horizontal and the other is landscape and you can also see your recording and export them to an external device. It also as an option for Pan and zoom so you don’t miss any details from your recordings or video footage. So has an in-app motion detection feature which helps you to detect any Motion from the video recordings or in the range of your camera. Continue reading

AppValley Chibi Bomber

AppValleyChibi Bomber is an amazing shooting game in which you can shoot your target by simply tapping on your screen. It provides you are trajectory gameplay with buttery smooth controls and it is full of challenges for you to be accomplished. As you progress in the gameplay you face is various challenges and the world of Boss Dragon and you need to defeat each one of them to prove your worth in the game. It is an adventurous game full of goblins, dragons, dark Dungeons, Monsters and other fearsome creatures. In this game, in order to survive, you have to collect resources craft your weapons and shelter to defeat your enemies in Epic War. The most powerful your weapon is there is the more chance to won the battle. As you won the battles you will become more and more powerful and your level also upgrades. This game also gives you the opportunity to play the matches with your friend in real time. As you defeat the players in real time matches you will increase your scores and unlock many new weapons and equipment. It also has a 3v3 fighting mode to fight with your friends and defeat them. Continue reading

AppValley Anime Melee

AppValleyAnime Melee one of the most popular games available on the internet. In the gameplay, you have to choose your heroes from a collection of different well-designed heroes. This game is based on Battle of anime characters which you select as your hero. It is the latest action card game where you just have to post the game towards a climax. It has impressive graphics and stunning animations that will make it more realistic and you will enjoy playing it. Whenever you win a fight you will be rewarded with prizes and coins that you can use to upgrade next level. It has a collection of Special Superpowers that you can unlock by using coins and rewards. You can also upgrade your costumes and select the best good looking Costume for your player. This game also has a set of combos which varies according to different characters of the game. Its controls are simplified and easy to use and even a new user can easily identify how it works. This game can also be played online with your friends to make the battle more interesting and you can share your progress with your friends so they will know your status. Continue reading