AppValley Infinity Blade

AppValleyInfinity Blade is one of the most popular fighting game available on the internet. In this game, you have to fight one on one Battle with various different characters and finally, you need to face The Immortal God-king. During the fight, the player needs to swipe the screen to attack and smack and tap the screen to defence and block the attacks of your opponents. It was the first game which uses an unreal engine for its execution and it was a kind of combination of sword prince of Persia, shadows of colossus and swordplay of karateka. This game is fully compatible with all iOS-based devices so you can easily enjoy this game on your iPhones and iPads. This game has two different modes one is arcade and the other is survival you can play the one which you like most. At the starting, you need to travel a linear path through a ruined fort and fight one on one Battle with giant enemies. You need to tap on highlighted spots or location in order to move forward. the player can use his sword by swiping a finger on the screen and it can defence the attacks of other players by simply touching the icons present at the bottom of the screen. The graphics and animation effect of this game are very outworked so so it gives you a 3D experience. Continue reading

AppValley Halcyon 6

AppValleyHelicon 6 is a space RPG based mission game where you need to protect your Earth from a mysterious Alien Force which is constantly planning to destroy the earth. You have limited resources to rebuild your starbase and lead your team to take down the alien forces. It is a fashion project which is inspired by buying classical games like Master of Orion, civilization and many more. In this game, you have to build your base buildings by using your resources to construct your rooms, shelters, spaceships and enhance your technological capabilities. You have to explore nearby star clusters and find enemy which are hidden among this cluster and you need to complete your mission to secure your resources. This game also teaches you team management skills because as you need to make your own team to improve the output it and to won the battle. You have to fight with your own strategies to resolve hostile events and to represent your victory on the ground level battle. Helicon 6 has stunning animation and graphics which gives you the experience of real-life war. In this game each player has, it’s random derelict station and galaxy which make this battle more interesting. In this game, you have the opportunity to fight with 6 different alien races and prove your worth in the Galaxy. Continue reading

AppValley Dragon Hills 2

AppValleyDragon Hills 2 is an action game for Android add users in which you have to fight with Dragons and Zombies for your survival. This game has many exciting aspects such as zombies, Dragons, Cowboys, spaceships, armoured mechs and many more. You need to fight it to save humans from zombie apocalypse with the help of your machine dragon. Here you discover adventurous and thrilling lands fully loaded with zombies, fearsome dragons and lot of challenges. You have to move through hills by jumping, sliding, crashing and smashing everything you find in your way. This game also provides a fast response time which gives you a furious gameplay. In this game, you have to defeat epic bosses in different battles to prove yourself in the game. You have more than 28 towers to conquer and four different worlds to explore and become the next leader in these words. In this game, you have to unlock your favourite weapons, dragons, combos and superpowers which are locked by default. Dragon Hills 2 also has simplified and easy to use interface and controls so that you can play it with ease. You can also play and compete with your friends in multiplayer gaming mode. So get ready to begin your ultimate adventure and to become the next hero of the game. Continue reading

AppValley Abi: A Robot’s Tale

AppValleyAbi: A Robot’s Tale is a story based adventurous puzzle game which is available for both Android and iOS users. This game has asked question artwork of-of two beautiful robots which are going to explore the empty world of humans. In this game there are two robots one is Abi and the second one is DD. Both of this robot is on a single journey to find DD’s lost bird of white colour. Both the robot tries to figure out what was happen with all the humans on the planet before they vanish. To move forward in the game you have to solve puzzles and find your way in the Lonely world which does not have any humans. In this game, you have the ability to switch between two main robotic characters by simply tapping on their bases on your screen. During most parts of the game both of these robots play with each other but in upcoming difficult puzzles, they need to go on their separate ways. In this game, you can unlock many secrets of the world by solving more and more puzzles. This game has a stunning artwork with high-quality animations and graphics which gives you the feeling of Real World adventure. It also so has a nice background music which makes you feel more immersive. Continue reading

AppValley Dragon Ball Legends

AppValleyDragon Ball Legends is one of the most popular games from classic dragon ball series. It is a battle game where you can enjoy one on one fight against your opponents in high-quality 3D stages along with character voicing. In this game, there are hundreds of characters both from the original dragon ball series and various new characters created by its developer. You can challenge and fight the battle with any player from any corner of the world. This game has stunning 3D animations which give the feeling of joy and thrill. Dragon Ball Legends has various card action battles where you can fight with any of your favorite DB fighters and you can also unleash the combos and unique special moves to win the battle. This game also gives you an interesting feature of worldwide battle in which you can play a real-time battle against DB fans. Dragon Ball Legends also gives you the experience to play with your favorite characters such as Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Trunk and many more. This game is compatible with all android devices having Android 4.0 or above so you can enjoy this game on your smartphones without any problem. If you are a lover of dragon ball z series then you should definitely give a try to this awesome game. Continue reading

AppValley Iron Marines

AppValleyIron Marines is a real-time strategy battle game in which you have to select and train the greatest heroes of the galaxy to win the battle. It is a real-time deep strategic game which throws you on distant planets where freaky aliens are waiting for your command to face new challenges. In this game, you have to make your strategy to rule the planets where giant monsters, killer robots, alien species are waiting for your command. In this game, you have 21 missions in different worlds to complete where each level or mission requires a new strategy to win the battle. In Iron Marines, you need to defeat fearsome bosses in battles to prove yourself. The graphics and animations of this game are of very high quality and give you a 3D experience of a virtual world where you can fight and won the battles. In this game, you have more than 40 updates to make your unit stronger and powerful with rockets, drones and much more. You can also choose your difficulty mode from basic, Normal and expert. In this game, you have more than 14 superheroes and you need to train them for battle and you also have some special weapons to destroy your enemies. This game is fully compatible with all android devices having android 4.0 and above. Continue reading

AppValley Jurassic World Alive

AppValleyJurassic World Alive is a dinosaur battle game in which you have to find and train your dinosaurs to win the game. In this game, you have various breeds of dinosaurs from which you select your favorite one. This game gives you the real adventure and thrill of dino-land where you have to do your best to survive. In this game, you can also challenge your friends to play and win amazing rewards. In Jurassic World Alive you have the location-based technology by which you can find dinosaurs on 3D maps and explore your surroundings. You can also collect precious dinosaurs and tries them to become a killing machine by which you defeat your opponents. In this game, you can create your new species of hybrid dinosaurs in the lab by collecting DNA of various dinosaurs. You also have a chance to prove yourself in live PVP arenas to collect more rewards. Jurassic World Alive also gives you the ability to share your dino collections and rewards by posting AR videos on your social platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and many more. This game also provides you with a premium subscription by which you will get some additional features. Jurassic World Alive is fully compatible with all android devices having android 4.0 and above. Continue reading

AppValley PAKO 2

AppValleyPAKO 2 is a car driving game in which you play a role of a getaway driver. In this game, you have to pick up your team from heist spots and protect them from cops. The longer you survive the harder the cops become. Here you can also have the option to fire on police cars while delivering the criminals to their destination place. You will die instantly if your car bumps into any obstacles and you will get money when you finish your delivery. You can buy and unlock new cars and equipment to make your ride better. This game has a very high quality of graphics and vectors along with high-quality animations. PAKO 2 has very smooth and easy controls so that even a child can easily control the game and there are some others advanced controls which you will find in the setting menu. This game a huge collection of cars from which you can easily buy your favorite car. We recommend this game for every car racing fans so that they can experience the taste of thug life. You also have Leaderboards to finish if you have free time. PAKO 2 is a cross-platform game so it is fully compatible with all systems such as Linux, Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows. So you can easily enjoy this game on your various devices. Continue reading

AppValley PLANK!

AppValleyPLANK! is a simplistic arcade type game which you can easily play with your android phone. In this game, you have a cube and to need to change its shape according to the task. The controls of this game are very smooth so that you can easily play and enjoy this game without any interruptions. This game gives you ultimate joy and fun and it is also an addictive game which entertains you to your full potential. The user interface of this game is very simple and clean and its design is simple so that even a noob gamer can easily understand its controls. In PLANK ! you have to tap and hold on your device screen to place your plank. In this game, you have to make high scores from which you can unlock new character of your choice. So overall it is a hilarious arcade game where you have to join the joy and walk with PLANK!. This game has stunning graphics and high-quality animations which gives you the joy of playing. This game is fully compatible with all android devices having Android 4.0 and above so that you can easily enjoy this game on your smartphones. So if you are a game lover then you should definitely give it a try and this game will be interesting and funny. Continue reading

AppValley Tales of Adventure

AppValleyTales of Adventure is one of the best cartoon themed game with the real-time battle. In this game, you have hundreds of monsters to choose your favorite one and you need to get ready for battle. This game gives you many battle features where you can fight and show you power such as an arena, elite stage, and breed. In this game, many gameplays are ready for you where you can fight and defeat the bosses of different Levels. You need to create your allies and train them with updated weapons in order to win the game. In order to win the game, you need to create your invincible team and powerful strategy to fight in PVE and PVP battles. You need to understand various factors such as stats, location, fate and skill of each hero to select the perfect one. This game has excellent designs and events such as it have advanced animations and graphics effects along with high definition audio tracks which make it the best cartoon game. In various festivals, you will get different gifts, offers, and rewards. If you are a big fan of a cartoon then this game might be super interesting to you. This game is available for all android device So you can easily enjoy this game on your fingertips. Continue reading