AppValley GC4iOS

AppValleyGC4iOS is an emulator which allows you to download and play all the Nintendo, Gamecube and Wii games right on your iOS device. GC4iOS is currently in beta test mode so there will be improvements with time and more games will be available to play on this emulator. GC4iOS currently uses Dolphin’s’ PowerPC Interpreter and an OpenGL backend. So games between 3 and 20 fps can be run. You can play games on 2GB ram devices and 1GB ram devices are also supported by GC4iOS. Some of the features of GC4iOS are that you can customise your controller and change it as you like, you can also use cheat codes in games. GC4iOS has Net Play and JIT, it is available to download for all the iOS devices running on iOS 9 firmware and up. GC4iOS is not available to download on the official Apple App Store.

However, you can download GC4iOS from AppValley, it is one of the most trending app stores available in today’s market. AppValley provides the user all the best apps and games for free. It is very easy to download AppValley and it has a great library that contains almost all apps. It has a very organised category system which allows the user to simply navigate their way to the apps that they love. AppValley comes with loads of features, one of them is that it has a built in cache and memory cleaner so it doesn’t take up extra space on your device.

Install GC4iOS from AppValley

  • Search and Download AppValley app store from Safari browser.
  • Wait for the download to finish.
  • Now Go to Settings >> General Settings >> Device Management >> tap “ Trust AppValley”.
  • Install and run AppValley and search for GC4iOS.
  • Download GC4iOS emulator.
  • You need to go to settings and Trust GC4iOS as well.
  • Install GC4iOS and enjoy.

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