AppValley Not Working?

App Valley is an App market for all the iOS users. As we all know that one of the biggest drawbacks of having an Apple device is that you have to pay for all the premium applications and which ones are free have some or the other way to make you pay for their features such as ‘in-app purchases’. So, the AppValley app market provides the user all the applications there are on the App Store for free. It is a chinese third party application market. The AppValley consists of all the modified and tweaked applications too so the user does not need to search anywhere else and can get all these right here.There is no need to jailbreak your apple device to download AppValley as it is very easy to download.

AppValley being one of the best app markets out there can have many reasons why it is not working for you. There can be two major reasons, the Application is not working because there is a problem on your part or the apk of the application is simply corrupted or cracked so you can opt to download it from another website. Now to fix the problem on your part –  there are some conditions that need to be met such as The AppValley app market is designed for the iOS devices only and runs on all the Apple devices and not on the Android or Windows. The AppValley app market supports the iOS 9, iOS 10 and iOS 11 beta operating systems and will not function on any Apple device running on a different iOS. That all being said one of the rare cases can be that the application has crashed due to some reason so don’t worry as it will be back online as soon as possible. The developers of AppValley app market constantly keep on working on it to make it better.

Fix Untrusted Enterprise Developer

  • You need to give the AppValley app permission.
  • Go to Settings > General > Profile > AppValley and tap on “Trust AppValley”.
  • Done!

Fix Unable to verify the app

Since AppValley is a third-party app (outside of app store) it requires a certificate issued by Apple to run on iOS platform. Sometimes it get revoked.

Wait for an update from AppValley team, the issue is usually fixed within an hour.

Once there’s a notification, uninstall and Download AppValley again on your iPhone/iPad and it will work fine.

Fix unable to download apps/games

First of all you need to ensure you have a good internet connection with proper network.

Generally you will be able to install the apps and games without any hassle however sometimes the download may stuck and make no progress. In such case turn off your internet > soft-reset your device > turn on internet and retry.

If the error still persists then change Data Connection to WiFi or vice-versa.

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