AppValley Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a viral game that got any users to move around the city to get all their favorite Pokemon and then use those Pokemon to fight on the battlefield.  Pokemon Go was made available on all the platform including Android, iOS and other making it a viral hit among the players.

It a new kind of game and bring user experience in terms of the virtual world, where you are using a mobile device to catch the virtual Pokemon and making it as our pets.

Initially, the Application was available in the AppStore and after a time any newly modified application came into the market and it had quite a few extra tweaks for saving the energy and included few tricks to catch many Pokemon. So they started to look for this kind of apps for their device. Eventually, App Store doesn’t support these kinds of things, and people uploaded in the third-party marketplaces.

One of such kind of third-party marketplace for iOS is AppValley. AppValley also hosts many of this kind application, which included tricks and tips and few tweaks for winning in the game. So finally Pokemon Go is in AppValley and we will guide on installing it on the device.

Features of Pokemon Go:

  1. You can save energy that only when you move, your energy bar will decrease.
  2. You will get suggestions on the things to get in the Store.
  3. You do not require to go outside and using fake GPS navigate anywhere.
  4. You can unlock unlimited Pokemon’s.

How to Install Pokemon Go on AppValley?

  1. If you have AppValley installed on the device, you can continue the next step. Else first of all you will need to Download AppValley and install the app on the device.
  2. Now open AppValley and in the search bar, enter Pokemon Go and hit the search button.
  3. You will get the application list and you can click the version which you need.
  4. There will an install button near the description and you will get the app to the device.
  5. Once all done, you can easily play the game on the device.

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