AppValley Vip

Apple uses Appstore to distribute the app to all the iOS device and developer have only one option to publish their apps to the user via public platforms. Not all the application get into the App store due to the restriction in the system. So there must be a platform for these kinds of apps that are nothing but AppValley Vip.

Many third-party app marketplaces are there for the iOS device. But the reality is they need have a Jailbroken device and the superuser access to make the changes in the system. But it not possible to trust all the apps and that to hand them with the superuser access. So these things make us look for the trusted and no jailbreak access, the best of this kind of application is AppValley.

Features of AppValley Vip:

  1. You can install all the apps that are not available in the App Store via AppValley Vip.
  2. AppValley allows you to download and install free and paid apps to the device.
  3. You can get all the paid apps for absolutely free and don’t need to pay any extra charges for it.
  4. You can also get the modified apps for popular apps such Whatsapp, Instagram, and others.
  5. AppValley  Vip gives you updates for the installed apps on the device, so you can keep the apps updated with other things.

How to download and install AppValley Vip:

  1. Open the Safari browser from the iOS device.
  2. Download AppValley.
  3. You can choose the AppValley for the version of the iOS version.
  4. Now, you have to download App file to the device.
  5. Install the app by opening it.
  6. After that, you need to mark the app as a trusted application to continue it without any warning.
  7. Go to Setting. App Management and then scroll through the app and mark it as trusted.
  8. All done you can install games and App from AppValley Vip now.

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